The Ayursundra Cardiac Centre

The advanced Ayursundra Cardiac Centre is located in Guwahati, Assam, and handles emergencies as well as comprehensive treatment of heart ailments. It provides the latest heart treatment at an affordable price.

The Ayursundra Cardiac Centre is situated on the third floor of Down Town hospital, in the heart of the city, where it runs a specialized 24/7 heart care unit. The centre is supplied with the latest cardiac equipment. Besides advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools, Ayursundra is the proud owner of one of the most sophisticated operating tables within the country.

The Ayursundra Cardiac Centre is also the only cardiac centre in the region that can do intra-radial neurological treatments (i.e. minimum invasive brain and spine treatments), and the first centre to develop a comprehensive cardiac care solution. Ayursundra works with a patient flow system that is directly connected with the Ayursundra One Stop Medical Centre.

With heart diseases being the leading killers in India and a population of over 40 million people in the North-East region, there is still significant territory to conquer in order to improve the situation of heart patients in India. Ayursundra took a first step to counter the problem comprehensively, which, we believe, is the only way to treat a maximum number of patients effectively.