Concept of Ayursundra

Ayursundra is dedicated to promoting safe and high quality healthcare, responsive to the needs and expectations of the local people. The Ayursundra model is designed to reduce the gap between diagnosis and treatment, while easing the patient’s anxiety and making treatment more cost effective for him. Our focus on quality, affordability and technical expertise accounts for a cutting edge advantage in the field of healthcare.

The Ayursundra model operates on a unique inter-connectivity between its core healthcare institutions. The inter-connectivity facilitates optimal utilization of the available resources for patients to receive the appropriate medical attention. Ayursundra uses the latest integrated Hospital Management System in its various centres and departments: all doctors have access to patient data in real time which is furthermore updated in the shortest period of time so doctors can start early commencement of treatment. Backed by cutting-edge electronic data processing support (EDP), any individual patient reporting to an Ayursundra hub is issued with an electronic smart card embedded with a detailed digital report of medical history, pathological profile, current protocol and updates of periodic reviews. Due to the enterprise-wide architectural solution, patient flow is centrally managed: patients can move from one specialty to another without misdirection or losing important patient data. This speeds up the process of treatment and allows for higher volumes of patients. On top of this, an elaborate process of patient feedback, appraisal of services, peer reviews and periodic follow-up ensures patient compliance with long-term drug protocols and therapy regimens. The inter-connectivity model streamlines patient management from a qualitative, quantitative and safety perspective, resulting in smoother end to end patient flow.

Once inside, the Ayursundra matrix takes charge of all administrative, logistic, investigative and curative aspects of the patients' treatment, which obviates the need for external attendance so commonplace in prevalent healthcare facilities.

Ayursundra prides itself with a staff of medical specialists and other professionals which represent a cumulative experience of over 250 years, bringing expertise backed by dedication to all aspects of Ayursundra’s management. In addition to that, top notch global specialists periodically add value to highly specific operations and/ or specific diagnostic analyses. Complementary to this, Ayursundra is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus, instrumentation, machinery and technology, sourced from top-of-the-line global manufacturers. Technological upgrades put our services at par with the best in medical care worldwide. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for new treatments and technologies to be available to patients.

Ayursundra endorses a patient-centric approach. Our model is geared towards providing the best possible healthcare to every patient, in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible cost, and in the nearest possible place. In an extensive trellis of medical institutions that closely network among each other, our healthcare services reflect the end to end patient flow, facilitating care that is most suited to the patient’s prevailing condition.

Plus, by reducing its operational costs, Ayursundra is able to pass on the benefit to indigent communities in need of medical services, this way making quality healthcare affordable for every patient and improving the quality of life of the people involved.