Company Overview - Improving Quality of Life

Ayursundra stands for “the beauty of life”. The name Ayursundra refers to the Sanskrit combination of the words Ayur (life) and Sundra (beauty): hence the term Ayursundra to reflect the beauty of life. The Ayursundra logo integrates the four elements which enhance life – Water, Fire, Wind and Earth.

Ayursundra was established in 2009 in the Netherlands (Europe). Although the focus of our activities is in India, our Headquarters and Supervisory Board are still based in the Netherlands. This way, we aim to affirm our broad, global reach and build on our mission to ingrain high-level, international standards into our healthcare delivery.

Ayursundra is dedicated to making high quality healthcare affordable to a large share of the Indian population. In order to do so, we seek to fulfil the expectations of people from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to avail the best and latest in medicine today. Ayursundra endorses a patient-centric approach. We focus on the total well-being of the individual by integrating all aspects of the healing process through investigation, therapy or surgery.

With our dual focus on quality and accessibility, we are committed to ensuring a cooperative, progressive system of healthcare delivery within the care community. We seek to maintain high professional standards through education, research and open dialogue in order to protect and improve the health of every patient.